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Functional Fitness Classes

Train like an athlete

No matter what your sport or you just want a great workout, Richard's Functional Fitness classes offer you speed, agility, strength, endurance and mobility training all in one class. 

These classes are run by Richard's fitness team in our custom made Outdoor Training Zone in the Club. Perpare to combine novel strength training combinations with speed and agility drills. 


Classes run for a term of 6 weeks.

Mondays terms: 6.30 pm

Wednesday terms: 6.30 pm

Saturday 11 am

Train Once a Week for 6 Classes €50

Train Twice a week 12 Classes €99 &

Three times a week 18 Classes €139.


All Classes are consecutive and must be used within a 6 Week Term. (Please ask for Term Dates at the desk). For missed classes due to bank holidays, club events, etc. the term will be extended for an week.  

Signing Up:

To sign up simply fill out the form attached and let us know by email, text or in person what date you would like to start.

To find dates for fitness terms you can ask a member of staff! There is no problem joining mid-term for a reduced price.

Any questions please ask us.

I look forward to training you.

Phone: 01-490-5960 / 087 6341861


Mummy & Baby/Infants Fitness Classes

Q-What time?

A-10am every Tues, and Thursday

Q-Where does the training take place:

A-In the Outdoor Training Area

Q-How much is it?

A-Classes run for a term of 6 consecutive weeks costing €50

Drop in rate is €10.

A-If you wish to sign up mid-term you can do so at a set cost effective rate. Just as at the reception for more details.

Q-Where do the babies / infants go?

A-Your child will still be under your care however we have created a  friendly "kids area" for you where your little treasure can play and roll.

Q-Is the level hard will I be able to join the group

A-Richard is your trainer, he has over 10 years' experience working with all levels. As a father of three he understands the keys muscles needed to develop your strength back. Additionally he uses time as a means for everyone to train. This allows everyone to train at their own pace when he supervise your technique and form of movement

To sign up or to find dates for fitness terms you can asking a member of staff or they can be found online!