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Dear Parents,

Bushy Park Tennis is happy to announce that we will be running a tennis camp for kids from the 11th to the 15th of April from 9.30am to 1pm. The cost will be €120, that works out at less than €7 per hour!

To sign up or for more information, please contact Heather on 083 088 5449.

We look forward to seeing you out on court!


To all the players,


Thank you for participating and being part of the Irish Padel Tour circuit at this stage after covid-19.
This first event will mark the starting ranking for the other championships that will give IPT points and ranking for all the tournaments in the calendar and the possible events that could enter during this season 2022.

Thank you once again for the confidence and support as well as all the gestures of gratitude to the Federation and organization of events by players and families.


The rules of the tournament are as follows.

1-Open and social 1 categories will be played to 2 sets and tie break in case of tie with golden point system. Semifinals and finals will be 3 sets.
2-Mixed category will be league matches of one set, leaving the final to 2 sets.
3-Warm-up of 5 minutes maximum before the match. Failure to comply with this rule may result in sanctions for both teams.
4-The team that arrives 10 minutes late on the timetable will be given the match for lost 6/0 6/0. Failure to show up will result in a forfeit. Unless its agreeded with IPT team.
5-International disciplinary conduct rules will be applied in every match. Any kind of unjustified protests, insults or threats may result in tournament and permanent sanction.
6-Results must be communicated and scored once the match is over.
7-The courts may not be used unless it is an official match or the organization allows the use of these. 
8-Players with debts will not be able to take part of the Championship, being the inscription null and void.
9-Trophies and prizes will be handed out directly at the photocall after each final.
10-The cash prizes will be paid the same day of the tournament in cash or by bank transfer within a week.



Good luck to all participants.



IPT Team



Hi Padel Lovers!

Before I tell you more about our Padel plans for 2022, I want to express how wrong wars are. Wars don’t bring lasting peace, only lasting death! Let’s #StandWithUkraine and demand an immediate stop of the war! Last weekend (26+27 Feb) was meant to be the weekend for the Kyiv Padel Cup at the Kyiv Racket Sports Park. You can imagine that it never happened....

Back here in Ireland, we are lucky to have a different normality and we are delighted to announce the official Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI) calendar for this year 2022


Dear padelers,


It is with regret we have to inform you that the Bushy Park committee members have decided to cancel the beginner tournament due to the weather conditions that takes place on the 18th and 19th February.

The weather conditions have made the tournament non viable at this time. We look forward to organising the tournament on the following dates. 

Saturday 5th of March (All day) and Sunday the 6th of March till 14:00pm in case we need it.  We hope to be done by the end of the day on Saturday

We hope all players and enthusiasts will understand our decision and play the new dates off the tournaments.


Yours in sport! Stay safe!


Bushy park team


Dear Veterans, 


It is with great delight that  we announce that we have been selected by the International Padel Federation(FIP) to host the  Qualifiers for the upcoming World Veterans Padel Championship. 


This will be a fantastic opportunity for our Veteran team's and for players to compete at this level on home turf.

Please get in touch with Sam , Alvaro or   

for details on how to register.

The event will take place on February 25th,26th, 27th in Bushy Park. 


Kind regards,

Padel Federation of Ireland


Padel Certification Course in Bushy Park.


The new Padel Certification Course organised by the Padel Federation of Ireland is taking place in Bushy Park. Here are the details:


COURSE DATES: Sat 5th and Sun 6th March 2022.

COURSE TIMES: Saturday 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 16:00

COURSE VENUE: Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club, Terenure.

COURSE TUTOR: Alvaro Cabello. A former Head padel coach in Ireland.

COURSE FEES: The full cost of the course and assessment process is €450.

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE: send an email to



Dear Bushy Park Players,

Bushy Park is happy to announce that the group adult tennis lessons will be making a return in February! Starting Monday February 7th for 4 weeks we will be running a programme of lessons on weekday evenings and Saturdays, ranging from lessons for beginners right up to advanced, with our group of experienced coaches. We will also be including a cardio tennis session on Saturdays.


The schedule is as follows:

Monday 7pm-8pm: Beginners Lessons

Monday 8pm-9pm: Rusty Racquets

Monday 9pm-10pm: Intermediate Lessons


Tuesday 7pm-8pm: Beginners Lessons

Tuesday 8pm-9pm: Intermediate Lessons

Tuesday 9pm-10pm: Advanced Lessons


Wednesday 7pm-8pm: Intermediate Lessons

Wednesday 8pm-9pm: Coaching and Matchplay for Intermediate and Advanced

Wednesday 9pm-10pm: Rusty Racquets


Thursday 7pm-8pm: Rusty Racquets

Thursday 8pm-9pm: Beginners Lessons

Thursday 9pm-10pm: Beginners Lessons


Saturday 1pm-2pm: Beginners Lessons

Saturday 2:30pm-3:30pm: Cardio Tennis


For 4 weekly sessions the cost will be 50 euro (60 euro for cardio tennis).

To book your place or for any further information please contact Daniel on WhatsApp or by text message on 0830942423.


We look forward to seeing both new and returning players!


Dear Bushy Park players,

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas. 

As we welcome everyone back, we would like to kindly remind everyone to adhere to the current COVID-19 guidelines when attending the club. Please do not attend the club if you are displaying any of the Covid 19 symptoms, if you or a close contact has tested positive.

Please kindly respect the safety of our staff and coaches at all times. We will ask that people wear a mask when at the club, except when on court. Please remember social distancing guidelines and to use hand gel.

The toilet facilities remain open to players at the club but please remember to use handgel and wear a mask before entering.

Please do not remain in the reception area or enter the clubhouse for any other reason. We thank you for your cooperation and wish everyone a safe return to play.

Kind regards, Management

Please see Government Guidelines below.



Dear all,


As a precaution and in line with Met Eireann's current weather alert, we plan to keep the club closed tomorrow, Tuesday December 7th.

We will keep you updated if there is any change to this. 


Kind regards, Bushy Park Tennis and Padel Club


                                                                                                                                              Dublin 01/12/2021

Dear all!                                                                                                                

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2022!!!

Many of you asked in the last few months about our Annual pass plans and today we finally have great news for you!

After the first lockdown, we experienced an unprecedented "court rush", because we were one of the few sports that was allowed to re-start earlier than others. Our annual pass plans originally had no limits for weekly bookings, after it got close to impossible to get a booking, we had to quickly introduce some limits to ensure that all members would still get some value for their membership.

We know that some were unhappy about that, but we had no other option. The increased popularity of Padel or Tennis combined with the fact that it is a fun sport that can be done outside even with physical distancing limitations meant that the rush to bookings didn't ease off for a very long time. We saw that it was not possible to guarantee play time for annual passes and therefore had to decide to pause the renewal of memberships due the Covid-19. We remind you the club has been closed for 32 weeks and we extended all the annual passes over the time everyone was affected.

Luckily the pressure on courts got a little bit lighter and we also heard you, when you made clear that you want a new membership option. So over the last few weeks we worked on a new plan, and now it is finally ready to make it available to you all!

We left the annual pass fee at the same price as over the last 4 years, but will need to add a Systems and administration cost of EUR 40 per plan. The limitation of max 3 bookings per week and one 90 min play time per day will remain and we will have to enforce it to ensure fairness for all, but please note that this is a maximum, it is NOT a guarantee that you will be able to get 3 bookings per week.

A new change is paying a deposit. This deposit will be used to charge costumers if they don't show up for bookings made or if they cancel less than 24 hours in advance of a booking. We need to make sure that the limited number of courts are USED to 100%, not just booked to 100%. Your deposit is refundable at the end of the annual pass plan, but if you do not show or cancel too late, we will take the full court rental from that booking and you will not be able to book anymore courts if your deposit is below 10 Euro. And after that long introduction here is finally the new annual pass plan for 12 months:


Adult annual pass: EUR 285 + EUR 40 Admin fee + EUR 40 refundable deposit

Family annual pass: EUR 485 + EUR 40 Admin fee + EUR 40 refundable deposit

Children and Teenagers: EUR 180 + EUR 40 Admin fee + EUR 40 refundable deposit

Students: EUR 285 + EUR 40 Admin fee + EUR 40 refundable deposit

Pensioners and unemployed: EUR 200 + EUR 40 Admin fee + EUR 40 refundable deposit


All debts have to be paid before you apply for the annual pass. If you need info about your court fees pending please contact us at

Follow the link for the cancellation policy

Rates (

The plans will be available with immediate effect at the Bushy Park office and they apply for Tennis and Padel. The remaining value of the 48 Euro voucher (Silver Membership) can be taken as a part payment for the full annual pass fee. Every unused hour has a value of EUR 4.80.

We appreciate you, your support and your understanding and we are looking forward to you re-joining the Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club once again.

Yours is sport,

Bushy Park Team


The Padel Federation of Ireland are delighted to announce that the Irish Padel Tour will be organising the next tournament in Bushy park Tennis and Padel Club.

Dates Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of November 2021                      

You can sign in for the tournament at the club desk or sending an email to

The categories for the tournament are 

Men and Women


The format of the tournament is as follows: (this may change depending on the number of participating players)

-Matches will be played to the best of 9 games. Semifinal and final will be played to the best of two sets with a tiebreak.
-There will be a National point system in place (please see chart below).
-Prizes for the top 2 teams in each category: trophies and padel gear vouchers.


Players must register with PFI and provide the following information:

Full name
Email address
Mobile Number

The entry fee per player for all tournament is €18
(excludes Federation fee for competitions: only 25 euro payable annually only for advanced and open tournaments)


All the rules of padel and disciplinary code apply for this tournament under the International Padel Federation regulations and as stated by the Padel Federation of Ireland.

Please look up the following link for further information:

The Irish Padel Tour is organised by the Padel Federation of Ireland for all affiliated clubs in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Please book your place in the tournaments at least 4 days before the commencement of the competition.




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