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Draws and Schedule All-Ireland CUPRA Championship 2023

Thank you for participating and being part in this big tournament of the year.


Win Some CUPRA stuff in the cupra Challenge at the tennis court n1 (Organization will provide details. Free participation for players and spectators)

The Cupra Players chill zone is only and exclusive for players.

The All-Ireland is part of the Irish Padel Tour circuit at this year 2023.
This event will give IPT points and ranking for categories A in Men and Women

Thank you once again for the confidence and support as well as all the gestures of gratitude to the club and the organization of events by players and families.

Draws and schedule are attached here.


Men Open A and Social

Women Open A and Social


The rules of the tournament are as follows.

1-All categories will be played to 2 sets and tie break in case of tie with golden point system.  Plate matches will be played for 1 set only (remember to apply for it)
2-A player or team can be substituted before the tournament if this doesn’t affect the seeds draw. If this situation affects the draw the player or team substituted cannot have more ranking points than the actual team. Other cases the organization will fix the draw under FIP rules.
3-Warm-up of 2 minutes maximum before the match start (We recommend to warm up outside the court before the match. Failure to comply with this rule may result in sanctions for both teams.
4-The team that arrives 10 minutes late on the timetable will be given the match for lost 6/0 6/0. Failure to show up will result in a forfeit. Unless it’s agreed with IPT team.
5-International disciplinary conduct rules will be applied in every match. Any kind of unjustified protests, insults or threats may result in tournament and permanent sanction.
6-Results must be communicated and scored once the match is over. Players must apply for the Plate after their matches if needed.
7-The courts may not be used unless it is an official match or the organization allows the use of these. 
8-Players with debts will not be able to take part of the Championship, being the inscription null and void.
9-Trophies and prizes will be handed out directly at the photo-call after each final.
10-Disciplinary conduct will be applied during the tournament.

11-The Men A and Women A seeds draw have been taken from the IPT ranking points 2023

12-Organization will provide

     -Tournament director

     -Food and water for players

    -Balls for the games

13-Social media guys will take pics and videos over all weekend. 



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