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Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club reopening on Monday 18th May UPDATE

Dear Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club members and friends,

After these tough weeks, we want to make the club available to you for everyone's use and enjoyment, but with certain restrictions and new rules that will be applied as of today to ensure all users the greatest security when using the facilities. We greatly appreciate all your effort and your generous understanding.

For phase 1 of our reopening, for both tennis and padel, management will allow doubles play for members of the same household. Otherwise, play is restricted to singles only with strict adherence to government and Club guidelines.

The sports disciplines of PADEL and TENNIS do not provide physical contact, for this reason it is better than other disciplines for a gradual resumption of activity, providing limitations and precautions that eliminate the danger of transmission of the virus.

The Club is open to silver and gold membership. Please see website for further information on the membership types available. All players must be registered on the Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club system before playing.


Therefore, we would please ask you to abide by the following regulations:

  1. The client must arrive between 10 - 15 min. before their booking / reservation.
  2. Costumers will have access to the side door of the facility by the green tennis courts, always respecting the distance marks and indicative signs. Please be patient. It is for the common good.
  3. The changing rooms will not be available until further notice.
  4. The toilets will not be available to the general public, being limited to staff only and respecting hygiene procedures.
  5. Payment must be made by exact amount or by credit card.
  6. Common areas should not be occupied without prior consent.
  7. After payment or registration, the client must go directly to the gaming area, avoiding being in contact with other users. Social distance of 2m.
  8. The rental of racquets will not be available at the club for the time being, although the club is committed to giving new users the possibility to buy a new racket with discounts of between 25% and 40% depending on the tennis or padel model.
  9. Shop costumers must remain outside and wait their turn to be served and dispatched respecting the signs duly marked. (The only available items are: drinks, snacks and tea / coffee).
  1. Hand sanitisers will be available in the club. However, we would advise customers to bring their own.



-We recommend to bring a small towel with you and also wear a wristband during the game.

-Players must bring or purchase their own balls marked with colours, initials or names.

-Avoid unnecessary contact with tennis or padel courts structures.

-Please find link to video on specifications on how to proceed during the game:

Padel Federation Youtube Channel

Tennis Ireland

FIP Protocol (International Padel Federation)

FEPA Protocol (European Federation)

Sport Ireland

Ireland's Health Services



  • The Club reserves the right to ask customers to leave if they do not abide by these basic rules.
  • The Bushy Park staff works tirelessly to improve and give the best possible service in these difficult times. Thinking of others and common sense must prevail.
  • Thanks for trusting us. We will do everything possible in our hands to make your practice of sport as safe and enjoyable as ever.


General Plan for use of the facility:

Arrival   -    Registration    -   Game    -    Departure


Please download the Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club protocol here: Bushy Park Club Protocol 



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