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IPT Bushy Park 2023 Draws and Schedule

Hello everybody,


Here are the draws and schedules for this weekend's tournament.

First of all we wanted to congratulate Ivan for being ranked number 1 in Ireland for the 2022 season. Congratulations, it was well deserved.

Secondly we would like to comment that in case of extreme rain during the whole weekend the tournament could be cancelled giving way to a new indicative date (24-26 March)

In the event that the conditions make it possible to play the tournament, the ball must bounce. 
Thank you for your help and understanding.

The IPT team continues to work hard to improve every day in line with the exponential growth of padel in Ireland.
Thank you and Good Luck!!!!


EASTER CAMPS for Primary and secondary schools

Bushy Park Club Easter Camps are back !


This coming Easter we have an action pack programme for Secondary and Primary School children at the Club. We are organising two different camps this time. A teen camp focus in padel and fitness activities and our Multiactivity Camp for primary kids, once again including padel, tennis, soccer, basketball, table-tennis trekking, relays and lots more!


Week 1 (Teen Camp): Tuesday 4rd April to 7th April (10am to 13pm)
Week 2  (Kids Camp): Monday 10th April to 14th April ( 9.30 to 14.00pm)

Book your child´s place online now or call 01-4905960 to secure your place today.



Term and Conditions Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club Multiactivity Camps

1. No Provisional bookings will be taken. Places can only be secured on receipt of completed form and payment.

2. Places will be filled on a first come first served basis.

3. A Parent/guardian must sign application form.

 4. All medical conditions must be clearly stated on the application form.

5. Children must bring a packed lunch, rain gear and sun cream each day.

6. The hours of the camp are 9.30 am-2.00pm each day.

7. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club are not responsible for children outside of the above hours.

8. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any property belonging to the participants.

9. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club reserves the right to cancel part of/or the entire programme with all payments refunded.

10. All valuables must be left at home.

11. Information of activities is given in good faith. All arrangements and activities are subject to change depending on weather condition, programme schedule and other arrangements. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club has the right to cancel amend or alter activities accordingly.

12. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club will keep a current insurance policy for the duration of the Camp.

13. If a child is unable to attend a partial refund will be given (20 euro admin fee) if 7 days’ notice or a doctor’s note is given.

14. Lost property will be kept until May 31st 2023

15. Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club reserves the right to suspend any child that is disruptive to the camp due to misbehaviour or whose behaviour puts them or others at risk.

16. Mobile phones are not permitted at camp.

17. I/We consent to the use of any photographs that may be taken of our child during the camp to be used, distributed or shown as Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club sees appropriate. Book at Bushy Park Club reception or send application form with cheque payable to Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club, Rathdown Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W. (Credit/laser card accepted at reception).


Coffee Padel League 2023

The new Bushy Park Coffee Padel League 2023 is starting in under two weeks, on Monday 13th March!

It will consist of a ranking league in different groups and the games will be played at your convenience. The League will be ongoing throughout 2023.

Ladder format: You will increase your ranking if you win games with the option to go through to the next level and play against new teams. There will be an update for the league every couple of months. 

To access the system, please go on the website and sign up: in tournament section.

If you are already a registered player, just log into your profile and make sure you choose your appropriate level. If anyone is not sure about the level, coaches from the club will help you find the correct level for you. 

First apply and pay in full first takes the place

You can download the Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club app (Club bushy park) on your phone from the 
Apple Store or Google Play.


The 3 categories for the groups are: 

- Low level
- Intermediate level
- Advanced level

The teams can be mixed. Max 12 teams per category.

The registration fee for the league will be just €25 then every player will pay the courts individually in accordance of his member status.


Format: 2 sets matches with Golden point and tie break

Dates:   (Fully schedule league) some matches can be rearrange if needed

                *1 hour booking for matches (we recommend to warm up outside the court before you start the matches)

               * If you don’t show up for your game, the other team will get the points and the full court fee must be paid by the team who did not show up.


League Rules:

  1. Winners will get 2 points and 1 point for losers. Scores must be communicated in reception.
  2. For any circumstance the match is not finished… (Time, weather…) players have to rearrange outside the schedule.
  3. Teams who miss more than 2 matches without any circumstance, they will be disqualified.
  4. Subtitutions:
    -Full team: Because they have been disqualified

-Player: If the league is not started a player can be replaced. If a player is injured, this can be replaced for the rest of the league.

  1. Matches can be rearrange if notice with at least 4 days in advanced.
  2. Bushy Park has the right to disqualified teams if the behaviour is not appropriate
                -1 time is a Warning

                          -2 times is a disqualification.

  1. Only 2 teams can promote per category. After every league term teams have the right to continue or refuse to continue in the league.
  2. The organization will provide tube of balls every week for the matches.
  3. The club will provide water and fruits in every session.
  4. Schedule: Mondays to Fridays from 10pmto 14pm.

Prizes and trophies for winners and runners up in every category:

Get outside, exercise, be social and most of all have fun!!! 

Contact us at the club for more information or look up our website